Banoo Snelkookpan 7, 9, 11 liter inhoud

Banoo Snelkookpan
Item number: BN100727

BANOO Pressure Cooker 
The tastiest meals often take a lot of time to make, such as steaming vegetables, preparing hash or delicious pulled pork. However, with the BANOO pressure cooker, a healthy, tasty meal is ready in no time. In the pressure cooker, healthy dishes are prepared twice as quickly using extra high pressure than in a regular cooker, while at the same time more vitamins and minerals are retained. This beautifully polished BANOO pressure cooker comes with a handy steam basket, making it easy to steam dishes.

High quality
The BANOO pressure cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel and has strong plastic handles that guarantee a firm grip. The safety lock makes the pan extra safe to use. The pan has a capacity of 7,9,11 liters and is therefore perfect for preparing dishes for the whole family. The pan has a handy measuring scale on the inside, so measuring with measuring cups is no longer necessary.

Perfect, fast heating
The BAnoo pressure cooker 7, 9, 11 liters has an encapsulated sandwich base that ensures fast heating and perfect heat distribution throughout the entire pan. This ensures that dishes are cooked quickly and evenly. The BANOO pressure cooker is suitable for all heat sources including induction. In addition, the pan is also dishwasher safe. Please note that the lid of the pressure cooker is not allowed in the dishwasher!